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In this dialog you set the basic settings for your project.

Width and Height

These are the default screen dimensions for every new screen you add to the project.

Note that once created, the screen retains its size, so if you change display, you have to change screen sizes one by one.

Colour depth

Here you choose your color depth, in bits per pixel. It depends on which display and driver you are working on. Very common in 16 BPP, that is the default, which causes the internal converter to use a RGB565 format.


Here you select which type of C flavour you want. Since there are little differences in string declaration between C30 and C32, this option lets VGDD choose the right one. Note that this is necessary since VGDD knows nothing about your MPLAB(X) project and therefore you have to instruct it.

Use Multibyte Chars

For the same above reason, you have to enable this option when in your MPLAB(X) project you use the USE_MULTIBYTE_CHARS define. This is usually on in Microchip's Demos, since Asian fonts are used, but if you are working on a Western charset application, and therefore you don't need Unicode characters, you can leave this option disabled.

On the other hand, leaving the Unicode chars enabled from the start will ease your job should your GUI be localized for asian or other languages: you won't have any memory surprise when translating strings and compiling.

Use Microchip's Graphics Resource Converter

This option enables the GRC for font conversion, which is better than the VGDD internal converter.

See the GRC Integration page for details