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The new Player feature lets you

Simulate the GUI while developing it, to check that screen transitions are right and that its look is what you want.
Ship your project, complete with all graphical resources it uses, to let someone else, who doesn't have VGDD installed, to see it

For this to happen, a new Freeware application is available: VGDD Player. It is a multiplatform Dot.Net application that runs natively on Windows and also on Linux and MacOs thanks to the Mono Framework.

Now it is possible to create a single VGDD Package File (.vpp) that contains everything needed for someone else to see your work.

The Player feature comes handy also while developing the GUI with VGDD: starting a "Play now" session lets you see your interface in action and check that every button does its job.

Screen transitions are detected from the C code you wrote in the Widget's events. When the Player reads something like

screenState = CREATE_MAIN

then it knows that clicking that Widget should transfer to the Main.vds screen. It's simple and effective! No strange options on Widgets to let the simulation work, simply write your C code as usual.

Some VGDD GOL Widgets has been "Animated" to see them in action: the ProgressBar, Meter and Slider Widgets now show them moving if you set their VGDD "Animate" property to true.

Since it is a simulation, the animation simply uses the Widget's range: no C code can be executed.

To have a realistic simulation, a graphic background for the Player is selectable in Project Options: this could be your final panel for your hardware.

It is truly multiplatform:

Here is under Windows


And here under Linux