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VGDD-Link MPLAB®X plug-in

VGDD-Link is an addon for Microchip MPLAB®X IDE that connects VGDD - Visual Graphics Display Designer to MPLAB®X IDE via IPC (Inter-Process Communications) on a TCP/IP socket.

It allows VGDD and MPLAB®X IDE to interact in real time with each other in order to make the needed modifications to the current MPLAB®X project, like getting project's configuration, adding new files, change override options and so on.

When no VGDD-Link plug-in is installed or when it is stopped, any modification to the MPLAB®X project is done by VGDD by making direct modifications to the XML project file. This technique, although functional, has two major issues:

1) MPLAB®X project can't be opened in the IDE while VGDD modifies it. MPLAB®X “shadows” the project file and in some situations modifications are lost or can't be seen;

2) Compatibility: should the project file structure change in the future, with new MPLAB®X releases, VGDD won't be able to comply to these modifications and would need a new, updated version. Meanwhile, project files could break if the wrong modification is done.

To address these limitations, the VGDD-Link plug-in has been created, and all Project manipulations are done via standard MPLAB®X IDE APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) by sending appropriate commands through a TCP/IP IPC.


VGDD-Link is a NetBeans Version 8 plug-in.

This means that it is compatible only with MPLAB®X with versions starting from v. 3.0

No backwards compatibility is available for MPLAB®X versions 2.x due to different Java APIs used in the new IDE.

The client part of the plug-in is integrated in VGDD starting from version 9.0.0.

No backwards compatibility is availabe for VGDD versions prior to v. 9.0.0


Usage for the VGDD-Link plug-in is described in VGDD-Link user's manual


You can download the plug-in from the Downloads Page