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Available Demos

VGDD comes with several Demos you can extract to disk to try its features:



This Demo shows the ability of VGDD MplabX Wizard to integrate into your existing GUI the TCP/IP stack and hence the ability to interact with the GUI from the web.

To run the demo a development board with Ethernet or WiFi hardware is needed, and we chose the PIC32 Ethernet Starter Kit, along with the GFX PICtail Plus Epson S1D13517 Board and the Graphics Display Powertip 4.3in. 480x272 Board

Extracting the Demo

On the Start Page click on Open Demo Project, select Demo2-Web-EthernetStarterKit and click on Extract


You will be prompted where to extract the demo contents: choose a folder of your choice, preferably on the same disk where the Microchip Application Libraries are located, just to keep pathnames relative. You can obviously create a New Folder for the Demo.


Opening the Demo

Demo contents are exctracted and VGDD prompts you with the Open Project dialog. Just select the Demo2-Web-EthernetStarterKit project file and click Open


The project opens up:


Running the Wizard

Now run the Wizard by clicking on its icon Wizard.png on the toolbar.

Click on Next and on tab 1-Set MplabX project verify that both MplabX project is correctly set (VGDD should have put the right path within your folder) and most important that MAL Path correctly points to your Microchip Application Library folder:


Click Next and on the Hardware tab verify that the correct hardware configuration is set:


Click Next and verify that Options are correctly set:


Click Next and finally click on the Modify Project button:


A Success dialog should appear:


Generating Code

Now that the MplabX project has been set up we can Generate Code by going on the last Wizard page and click on the GenerateCode.png button.

The Code Generation dialog will appear:


Click on the Generate Code button to start this phase. You'll see how VGDD runs GRC in the background without user's intervention and at the end the Finished! message will tell you that it's time to launch MplabX

Running MplabX

Run MplabX and open the Demo by using File->Open Project and navigate to the folder where you extracted the demo. Choose the folder that ends with .X


Click on the Make and Program icon MakeAndProgram.png: the generated code will be compiled and your target hardware will be programmed.

Running the Demo

The demo will start with the SplashScreen. If an Ethernet cable is connected to the hardware and a DHCP server is available on the network (your router should work fine) then the board will get a free IP address and show it on the WebMessage line on the bottom of the screen.

On a PC connected to the same network, open up a browser and navigate to that address: i.e.

The Embedded WebServer index page should appear:


Here you can interact with the GUI, by clicking on the buttons and writing in the TFT message box, and see the results on the target hardware GUI.

And of course you can do the same on the GUI on the TFT display and see the results in real time on the browser.

Thats'it. Powerful, ah? :-)