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VGDD Workarea is composed of


Design Surface

Here you design your GUI by dropping and manipulate Widgets by creating and editing new Screens

Widget Properties

It displays the currently selected Widget properties. At any time you can hit F1 to have a context help page about the property.

If you select more than one Widget at the same time, only common properties (i.e. Left) will be displayed. This is useful when you want to change the same property to the same value for a set of Widgets.

Widgets ToolBoxes

From there you can select Widget to place on your Screen. You can

  1. Drag a Widget from the ToolBox and Drop it on the screen
  2. Select a Widget and then Draw its boundaries on the screen
  3. Double Click on a Widget

Objects & Events selector

Here a TreeView of all your screens, their Widgets and relative Events is displayed.

Schemes Properties

Here you create and edit GOL Schemes

Project Explorer

Output Window