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As of Version 1.1.0 VGDD now supports Custom Colours.

All colour chooser dialogs around the application have been modified in order to handle up to 16 user defined colours, which are now saved along with the project:


So every time you'll open your project, you'll have your custom colours already defined in order to be selected and used everywhere in the application.

This is useful when working with controllers that use the hardware indexing feature that decompresses the frame using a fixed palette. An example is PIC24FJxxxDA, with its IPU feature.

Normal (basic) Colours

Simply select one of the predefined 48 Basic Colours

Known (Web) Colours

You can use well-known web colours if you prefer to use mnemonic names

Pick a Colour

Using the Eye-dropper tool, you can select Colour from any pixel present on the screen. For example, from a bitmap!

Custom Colours

Here you can define up to 16 Custom Colours.

How to define a new Custom Colour

  1. Click on any of the 16 (initially black) boxes - this is to select which Custom Colour will be defined
  2. Adjust the R-G-B components using sliders on the right
  3. OR: select one of the other tabs and then the desired colour
  4. Finally Click ONCE on the preview box (the one at the centre showing the selected colour): the Custom Colour will be defined

In this dialog you can save and/or restore defined Custom Colours in a separate file, in order to use the same definitions across VGDD projects. Custom Colours are however also always saved in the VGDD project file.