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What's MhcPatcher?

MhcPatcher is a free tool to expand MHC - MPLAB Harmony Configurator with new hardware drivers.

It's intended to became a community-supported repository for drivers and patches developed by people who is working on Microchip Harmony Framework and doesn't find support for their custom hardware.

MHC comes with a limited set of supported hardware. Using MhcPatcher we can share the work each developer has done and have an extended set of hardware setup working with the Harmony Framework.

Notice: MhcPatcher is in no way sponsored or supported by Microchip. It's free software and the author takes no responsibility for damages that could occur with its usage. Please refer to the EULA shown by the program at startup.


How does it work?

MhcPatcher takes one or more patch files and applies the modifications to the needed files in Harmony tree.

Modifications can be re-applied on new Harmony installations, saving you a lot of time.

Modifications can be removed at any time, restoring original Harmony files.

After applying the patches, new entries appear in MHC menu system, allowing you to take advantage of the sophisticated code generation and merge capabilities of MHC to handle custom hardware boards.

In the image on the right, look at new entries for ILI932X and SSD1963 Graphics display controllers and for Olimex Maxi Web display



MhcPatcher 0.1Beta can be downloaded from here


  • Download and run MhcPatcher.
  • Click on button Harmony Folder to be patched and select the folder where you installed Harmony.
  • Select a Repository from the combo box. Initially, only MainMhcPatcherRepository repository will be available.

The selected Harmony installation will be checked against the selected patches repository and Red status indicates patches still to be applied.

  • Click on Apply pathches and within seconds all the patches will be applied, turning entries to Green status.
  • Run Mplab X
  • Open or create an Mplab Harmony project.
  • Run MHC from Tools -> Embedded -> Mplab Harmony Configurator.
  • Enjoy new selectable entries in the menu.

Currently supported hardware list

How do I build my own patch?

Take a look at Patch file structure


The current set of available patches is stored online in the MainMhcPatcherRepository repository and it contains patches verified by the author.

It ships embedded within each new MhcPatcher version so the tool can work offline.

You can update the repository getting the new updated patch set by clicking on the refresh button. A new will be downloaded and expanded in the download/repository folder, overwriting the stock repository.

You can develop your own patches and keep your custom repository on disk. Open Download folder and create a folder MyRepository. The repository will be selectable at next run.

User's contributed patches are contained in Users repository.

When your patch has been tested and it works, you can contribute to this community-driven project and upload your patch to the on-line repository. (*)

(*) Available with the next version