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VGDD now has its own Internal Converter for both bitmaps and fonts.


Assign to the chosen bitmap a type of FLASH_VGDD or BINBMP_ON_SDFAT

in this case VGDD will generate the C code as HEX lines to embed the bitmap into your program. Suitable for small pictures or animations since FLASH bitmaps are the fastest to be rendered
Core of the Unlimited Graphics Framework. When setting picture type to this value, VGDD will convert the picture in .bin format and save the corresponding file to the path specified. Then you have to add the PutImageFromSD module into your project in order to make it work. This type is suitable for bigger images and screen backgrounds.


Assign the chosen font the type


VGDD will rasterize chosen font characters and generate C code lines

To set up a normal font, set the Charset property to RANGE and select both StartChar and EndChar. The default values for these two fields (32 and 127) will generate a font with all printable characters.

If the font size is a way too big to fit a complete character set into memory, you can set the Charset to SELECTION.

This way, in the field CharsIncluded you can select which characters to include into the font. An example could be chars from '0' to '9' in order to obtain a big numeric font whose binary size can fit into the internal PIC's FLASH.

Note that when using a SELECTION (reduced) font, VGDD will take care of automatically translating char codes to the used ones. You can continue to use normal ASCII characters in your strings (i.e. Button Texts) and when generating code VGDD will translate them to the actual ones.