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Download VGDD Open 11.3.1 Released on 2019/10/06

Download Sources the GitHub repository

Previous Versions

VGDD 11.3.1 Released on 2017/03/22

Added Font AntiAliasing support

Changed StringsPool which is now declared as const to save space: now strings marked as CDeclType=ConstXcharArray are put in the pool, while all other types are kept as normal strings.

Fixed Font add bug

Added FreeFont support. Now Google's Noto fonts can be used in VGDD!

Fixed TextEntry button texts being added to StringsPool at each project loading

Fixed copying widgets when StringsPool is active

Support for Fonts on external flash memory

Full support for latest Harmony framework

Fixed screen renaming

Fixed TextEntry forgetting buttons

See Harmony integration page for details

Download VGDD-Link MPLAB X Plug-in Version 0.14 Released on 2016/04/10 mandatory for VGDD to work


Download the Lab1.pdf: this Lab Manual will guide you step by step in building your first VGDD project, using the new VGDD-Link MPLAB X plug-in. If you want to follow the exercise, then you'll need the accompanying

If you want a quick survey of VGDD then watch the Presentation.pdf, an introduction to designing GUIs with VGDD

NEW The Lab2 Hands-on Lab Manual will guide you step by step in building your first PIC32/Harmony VGDD project, and migrating it to a PIC24/MLA platform. A video of the exercise is a available here. You'll need the accompanying project files .


Download Player 2.3 Released on 2014/03/09

The Player is a standalone multiplatform application that runs your GUI and let you simulate it on a PC screen. See the VGDD Player for more on this.

Previous VGDD 9.x Version

Fixed Harmony CodeGen for Harmony 1.0.7 and MEB2

Fixed Harmony CodeGen for Harmony 1.0.7 and LCC

Added Palette handling for 8BPP mode

Fixed Palette handling for 4BPP mode

Added Palette extraction from bitmaps and RGB565 optimization. See VGDD:Palettes

See VGDD 9.0 page for details

Previous VGDD 8.x Version

See VGDD 8.0 page for details

  • PIC32MZ support
  • Multimedia Expansion Board II support
  • This version includes support for the new Microchip Graphics Library 4.0.0 (MLA), which changed a lot from the previous version (MLA Legacy) and for the Harmony Framework (PIC32).
  • Notice: VGDD Demo is fully featured and has only the following limitation: 4 Widgets per type in a project. You can use the Demo version to build a fully working GUI and see it running on your hardware. If your project needs more Widgets, then you'll have to purchase a License.

VirtualWidgets library is included in the Demo version! You can use the VuMeter, BarGraph and the Android™-like keyboard TextEntryEx Widgets in your projects!

  • Fixed the copy&paste bug that wasn't copying widget's text
  • Fixed Harmony LCC support regression
  • Fixed ListBox multi-language support
  • Fixed "Not in use" stringspool bug
  • Fixed "same name, different case" bitmap bug for GRC
  • Fixed Harmony versions for VirtualWidgets (MsgBox, VuMeter, BarGraph, etc.)
  • Fixed Custom Widgets Editor
  • Fixed SmartCharSet feature (thanks Dimitar)
  • Fixed External Programmer Support for MLA (thanks Jeff)
  • Fixed MEB support under MLA Legacy (thanks Vishal)
  • Fixed Framework selection on loading projects built with previous versions


Previous VGDD 7.5.x Version

The previous 7.5.x version supports only MLA Legacy and will be discontinued.

Demo Code This is an MplabX demo project which demonstrates the capabilities of the Olimex PIC32-MAXI-WEB board. It doesn't make use of freeRTOS for driving peripherals (relays, buttons and LEDs) and contains a very long and nice slide show of wallpapers loaded from the SD card via PutIMageFromSD. Look at the contained README.txt file for details.


Many, many thanks to Mike, Marco and to everyone who helped me debugging this complex piece of software!

Releases History

Releases History